Sunday, December 12, 2010

~Just some sharing~

Its has been a year that i forgoten i own a blog. Busy life chasing me make me never got a chance to continue my blogging. In this half and a year , many things happen unexpected. Including i found my love one , and the one which love me...both of them i only get a failure. Somehow i been through hard times to accept my life back to single. When in relationship , i always giving my self lots of reason why should i get so busy and so on.... but in single way , i also keep complaining about busy life
I absorb more and more exprience from the past and i learn from the mistake i have done. Life ain't perffect forever..cause there is never a perffect life actually, its just a simply thought that we gave ourself to help us more hope and hope.

"Hope" is a action we wait something to happened in the way we want it to be the way we want, but i would like to do something first beside for just waiting...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back To The Place Which Belong To Me..

Last updated since 2007 december , the only reason i had stop to continue my blog is because i start to feel lazy on the write and read. Never thought i would back to here some day and never think of i still remember what my blog's name.

By the way , year 2008 to 2009 are quite long for me , many thing changes and happened just in a year , lots of thing wasn't easy to over come it. But luckly i own a group of bestie friend in my life , without they support and comfort i don't think i might make it this far that giving me this chance to write a post for now. First of all , i would like to thanks to my friends which giving me concern and help all the time. Thanks my bro and sis !! *BIG BIG HUG*

Nelson Year 2009

Alright , let me cut down the crap and tell what actually i been through during the times. Once i finish my SPM level i didn't think of to go further education in my life time, for me it is a totaly freedom to get rid from the books , hahaha...i wish the younger generation do not think like me, if i got a chance for me to make a different choices among the past incident , i will choose to go on for the further study. But that doesn't mean i regret to stop my books education last time.

Education is not only on the books, there is many thing which we can't learn or absorb from books, we must been through it ourselve only then we can understand the different between books thing and real sociality problems.

After the long holidays on end of year 2007 , year 2008 i start to work on head of February, as a clerk at gold smith, same thing as i never expect i will become a clerk at gold smith during my dreaming study times. Totaly different thing right ? ^^ Day by day .... because of work , i knew a girl and had one sight love with her(on 2nd of april), unfortunately i am not the type she like. But i didn't just walk away with the bad news from her. I stay and struggles so hard to get her attention. Finally i get it..we start by using mobile phone to chat , not even dare to talk face to face.

We start the association after month of months i chase her. Little does one think our relationship end from the count of 5 days from the start. I won't giving up and i continue chase her. Then some affair happened and therefrom i start to withdraw my hope on her...bla bla bla...long story lazy to talk about it , and this year we start again before the chinese new year. Here is the problem now , i actually too force her to start a relationship with me before i make any comfirmation about her love and her little mind. So recently founded that her heart is not with me all this time , making lots of suffer and unhappy between us two. I told my self that , if i really wish her found her truely happiness, i have to let go of her...She got lots admirer and she like some one but not me.. Ouchh..that's broke my heart into pieces.That is what lately happened on me , relationship problem.. i believe many people face it too.

I will try to make a post everyday on atleast once a week =D I just wanna write down everything on here...all my feels , emotion , thinking...Honestly,She is the girl that i most love in my life* i know my life still long way to go lar =.="" haha..see ya , gtg...tomorrow have to work, stop right here 1st.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Edited photos

Lame Post Tong !!! haha

Went to Leo Dinner Night...

Yeah! Finish Schooling lor~~

Hmm..after study six years at S.M.K DPHA Gapor Stampin, and get to know so much friends at there. Feel happy but also upset, happy cause finish schooling and sad cause cannot everyday stick with friend at school....feeling very confuse now.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Closer and closer...

Since a long time i din't update my blog. Anyway, wish those friend view my blog and saw my greeting here always healthy and happy. Even though i don't like to attend classes at school but i still hoping i can extend my education level with my friends. After SPM we got no more chances to sit in class room and listen to our subject teachers scolding their students or no more teasts from the student to teachers. Feel a little bit regreted , but it is one of our life process that have to pass through...what to do ?? just can accept it. How wish i can stop the time in anytime , anyway and anywhere i want to do so...*Sigh*

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Friendly Friend...

Found out that Black Skin( O Lang),(Negro) people are very friendly. Today i go swimming by my own , meet my friend's friend IyKe ! He is so so so so friendly like my Friend LinuS :) i think we Malaysians should learn the way they treat people in this way. Swim for 4 hour plus , after go out with Dennis, tak and tze yee to Kuching Fest to see "Earth Dance" team performances not bad actually :) atleast better than me. But it is okay , i will learn and get better than them. Thats how i pass my one afternoon and night. Today exam Sejarah so i to revision till 3 o clock last time , 4.30 sleep 6.20 woke up ! omg !! still got so many energy to spend in afternoon and night ! haha ! now i should go learn account or go sleep after done my push up and sit up ? tak tau lar ! ZzZzZ Night!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mata jiak pa eng..

Hihi , i'm back...11 days away from online >"< cause lately busy bah. Now still in Exam week..Last night because of want do revision at late night, so i go jogging to wake my self up around 8 something till 9 something. Jogging till half saw Mata (police) at Park car parking there to check every car which is only park there dunno doing what inside. hahaha...good also lar. After that only left my self at the park jogging, feel so nice...just run run run run run !!!! After reach home , bath already almost 10 o'clock then go STUDY lor !!! really tiam , study whole night only can remember abit things. 2 o'clock then i want sleep liaw ~~ I remember i still go disturb Ah xian hahaha !!!